Skatepark fundraising

I was privileged to be invited to attend a ceremony today where Ride Free representatives Gaye Smith and Gray Switzer donated funds raised with the goal of building a skatepark on Gabriola, to the Keep on Pushin’ fundraising group. The funds were raised in honour of Gaye Smith’s son Stephen Smith, who was killed in Nanaimo in 2003. The funds have been added to the growing total that the Keep on Pushin’ group has raised so far.

Provisional Budget

Provisional Budget

You might have heard that the provisional budget for the RDN came forward at the December 4 RDN meeting. This provisional budget has been in development since last spring, and is the staff recommendation. The budget will be revised in January and finalized in February. If you’d like to see more information about the budget, post questions to RDN staff about the budget, or answer a survey about how you’d like to provide input into future budget planning processes, you can visit the RDN page

I’ve had questions about the provisional budget, and I include answers to the most common below: